Once your kids eat these fish recipes, they’ll be seafood lovers for life

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“Fish varieties took their place in the stalls with the opening of the season. The fish deserve to be cooked correctly, as it has a more delicate and spreading structure compared to other meat products. The first step is to take the fish on the way home at the end of your shopping. Because fish is not a product that can wait for a long time at room temperature. If your fish is fresh, it is better to consume it in a short time. The marine time, which is normally at most 2 hours, should not exceed 1 hour in fresh fish. Otherwise, the meat of your fish may spread.

If you want to cook your fish in the most correct way, pay attention to 7 important tricks. The most accurate and healthy fish recipes are waiting to be cooked on nelazimsa.carrefoursa.com blog page.

1- Don’t Smell Fish Everywhere
The only irritating part of cooking fish is the smell of fish that goes home. If you are worried that the smell will spread all over the house and if your fries are tastier than the oven, you can throw a few leaves of bay leaf into the frying pan to avoid the smell of fried fish in your home. However, your kitchen still smelled fish. In order to remove this odor that strikes the kitchen, you can remove the smell by boiling 1 tea glass of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl. The lemon you burn in the stove also has a deodorizing feature.

A mixture of lemon, clove, cinnamon, bay leaf, which you will boil in a bowl of water after frying the fish, can also be a fragrant solution. For a fragrant result, it can be tried to put vanilla in boiling water. Except this:

Add 4-5 drops of lemon to the hot oil
Put bay leaf between the fish on the grill
Throwing 1 sprig of parsley into the frying oil
You can go for ways like roasting dry tea or dry coffee in a Teflon pan.
To extract the smell of fish in your hands when you pick it up and cut into your knife when you chop it, first wash it with cold water and then rub it with vinegar or lemon. Lemon is a food that you can safely use in your kitchen with its pleasant smell, refreshing effect and disinfectant feature. You can destroy your containers by immersing them in vinegar water in order to save them from the scent of fish.

2- Not All Fish Deserve the Same Behavior
It would not be wrong to say that every fish is different, as every stout is a yogurt dish. Some fish want to be fried, some fish want to steam with a lot of lemon. Oily fish is good for grilling, white meat fish is boiled, small fish are fried. Oily fish should not be fried, it should be grilled. Fish are often oily during the season. Cooking techniques vary according to the oily condition of the fish. Therefore, you need to know the season of the fish well.

3- Must Have Oily Fish For Grilling
Bluefish, sarıkanat, çekekop, sea bream, bonito.
The fish should be large and oily. A lean and large fish will stick to the strands of your grill and will cause difficulties in cooking and crumble the fish.
Drying the fish with a cloth or paper towel and grilling them with salt, pepper and olive oil before grilling makes the fish stick to the grill and make it more delicious.
Grilled fish, which is occasionally greased while cooking, is bright and soft.
If you are going to fillet fish on the grill, you can add flour into the same mixture and cook your fish by adding it.
4- We Fry the Small Fish
Horse mackerel, anchovy, shield, bonito, kidney beans, whiting
Large fish to be fried should be sliced ​​and small fish should be cooked whole.
In order for the fish not to stick to the pan, it should be soaked in sauces such as flour and corn flour.
First, the oil should be well fried in the pan. Floured fish should be lined up without any space between them. You can turn them one by one, but thanks to the fish pan you can reverse at once, you can cook your fish without dispersing.
Before cooking your fish in a pan, it will be more delicious if you sprinkle it with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
A flat-bottomed pan allows your fish to cook evenly.
5- If White Meat is Boiled
Gray mullet, perch, swallow
If you want to cook boiled fish, you should prefer white meat fish.
If you are going to make your soup, you should not throw the fish into boiled water, otherwise your fish will be scattered.
Fish should be put in cold water and cooked at boiling temperature.
Throwing onions, carrots, celery in fish broth makes it tastier.
A fully boiled fish should be easily separated from its bone.
Fish such as shields, sea bass, kidney beans, anchovies, catfish, mullet, bonito, coral that are normally fried can be boiled when they are low-fat.
6- Fry the Fish in Hazelnut Oil
It is known that frying is the most unhealthy form of cooking. This is because the oil burns during the frying process and carcinogenic effect occurs. For this reason, frying fish in 3 – 4 spoons of oil ensures both the flavor of the fish and a healthy consumption.

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